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Wendy Jones

" Conference Host- Founder of Segway International"

Be intentional about scaling to your fullest potential. You were ordained to ALWAYS WIN!

Co-Pastor Angela Dolphus

The "I always WIN" declaration!

Let's start and end our conference experience with a heavenly decree.  God will cultivate the success strategies that will be imparted.

You always win!


Ashley Mone't

" Prophetic Author/ Entrepreneur"

Personal/ Professional

Class: What's on the box?

Join the Cake tasting

The cake baking process is used as an analogy to birth a God given vision.

Quiana Woods

"Harmony Coach"

Personal/ Professional


Class: Pivot to WIN!

Understanding the value of unexpected changes.


Elect Anetta Parker

"Author/ Motivational Speaker"

Spiritual Development


Class: Faith that works!

Let's learn how to execute the laws of heaven to manifest purpose effectively.


Rose Townsend

"Motivational Speaker"

Spiritual Development


Class: Believing and moving on what God said.

So a man is he. If you can believe achieve! It's coming together for you!

rachel riles_edited.jpg

Rachel Riles

" Author & Life Coach"

Health & Wellness

Class: Your health-your choice

You were called to an assignment! You have purpose! Choose to be fit for the journey!

Sherry Hamilton

"Life & CPR Coach"

Health and Wellness


Class: Matters of the Heart-Saving a Life

Let's talk about Heart Disease. In this session you will be empowered to perform life saving skills.


Denecia Hebert

" Author & Publisher"

"How To Sell Your Book"


Class: Marketing Strategies for an experienced writer.

Learn to apply strategies to highlight your message in unique ways to scale your book. 

Sharon Jenkins

"Novice Writer"

"How To Write Your Book"


Class: Birthing your Book

There is an art to birthing a book. Come join the class! I want to teach you how to bring your book to life so that others can experience what you have to offer.   


Rebekah Williams

" Motivational Speaker/ Radio Host"

Spiritual Development

Class: Faith to Win!

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Let's talk about how to effectively execute faith as it aligns with your purpose.

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