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The Founder



Wendy Jones is the founder of SEG-WAY International Inc. ( The Secret Place Book Club Program) designed to provoke women to discover or rediscovery their dreams.  She is a speaker and life coach dedicated to encouraging, inspiring, and helping people to identify and pursue purpose, in order to ‘live in their life’. She has worked as a leader for over 20 years in the non-profit sector and enjoyed an accelerated 30 year career in corporate America.  Those years in leadership, served in corporate with fortune 100 and 500 companies (Healthcare) and with non-profits, has afforded her many opportunities to learn and teach in many areas for personal and professional development; including vision casting, outlining plans, setting goals, and working diligently within a team to achieve desired outcomes.

She discovered early on in her various job assignments that great outcomes don't provide fulfillment for employees/volunteers if it does not align with God’s purpose for their lives.  This discovery has led Wendy to ask those she come in contact with 'where are you?', 'where are you supposed to be?', and 'how are you going to get there?'.   This line of questioning during performance evaluation interviews, training, and in personal conversations has many times resulted in major mindset shifts.  

Each time positive change resulted, after these shifts; it stimulated and inspired Wendy to do even more.  She quickly became guidance counsellor (coach) on career and personal matters, relating to purpose, to those on and outside of her employment and volunteer work teams. She discovered in her coaching that there are many whose work does not match their purpose. This moved her to found SEG-WAY International Inc. of which  The Secret Place Book Club is a program.

Life Coach



I'll teach you to dream, discover your purpose, and activate it. Wen One Life Coach Services is a company owned by Wendy Jones, whose focus is to empower individuals face to face and in corporate and non profit settings as well. Wendy aims to WEN; by coaching you to one milestone one step at a time. We will determine the plan, explore the practical process, and decide on the best path resulting in a purpose driven life. 


What is your purpose? We will develop awareness. How do you continue growth?  We will develop a lifestyle. Who is your life impacting? We will build the life that you can be proud of. We will employ the key components to building a life that impacts others.


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