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TSPBC Host Holly Charles and Honor Distinguished Teachers

The Secret Place Book Club hosts four ignite empowerment sessions during the year. Each session is aligned to empower women in their personal and professional lives. During the month of July, the organization honors exceptional teachers in the Houston and surrounding cities. These ladies have demonstrated why the role of a teacher is important. As a big bonus, I the founder Wendy Jones will interview Holly Charles, the author of "VELVET."

Kiwi popsicle

Beatrice Moore Luchin Donna Doss Paulina Vences

Josalyn Holiday Bridget Randle Erin Green

Jocelyn Dickerson Jewel White April Metoyer

Ina Ballard Gladys Hollis Rosalyn Campbell

Holly Charles Kim Wells Gloria Lott

Adrienne Stowers Sekkola Gray Patricia Garrett

Frankie Davis Tonya Houston Kimberly Bayne

Carla Cortinas Christina Lockett Jahmiah Tyson

*Also expect to hear a speacial poem written for the teachers by Author, Brandon Gentry.

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