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"Ignite like fire, spread like wildflowers." — Wendy Jones



The mission of The Secret Place Book Club is to motivate, encourage, and support women from every walk of life. The Book Club's aim is to inspire women to discover or rediscover their Secret Place of purpose. Women are  encouraged to aim for the greatness that God has deposited in them and embrace positive thinking. Books are used as a catalyst to provoke deep thought so that long lost ideas and forgotton dreams would ignite like fire, dreams would become visions, vision would become plans, and plans would become reality.


Ignite like fire, spread like wildflowers!

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The executive team and leaders of The Secret Place Book Club, a program of SEG-WAY International inc. dedicate time and invest monetarily to insure each woman is treated as a queen , and rightfully so. The goal is to obtain a level of excellency that supersedes the norm. Please join this team by commiting to an annual donation that can also be paid on a quarterly basis.




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