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Empowerment Retreat

Norris Conference Center
816 Town & Country Blvd.
Suite 210
Houston, Texas 77024
(713) 590-0950

Throughout the year the secret place book club encourages and challenges women to identify, conquer, and live their dreams.  Each year a thematic thrust is set forth to provide direction to motivate women to key into a specific area of focus for goal setting, planning, and  working in alignment with their vision. Our hope is that the women connected to The Secret Place Book Club will experience great success and celebrate with us at the annual 'I'M EVERY WOMAN' Conference.

Health and Wellness

Are you tired and sluggish; mentally, emotionally, and physically? Or... are you well rested, full of energy, and physically in shape to fulfill your ordained purpose. The Secret Place Book Club motivates  and inspires women to pursue their dreams with the realization that good health and wellness is factor to enjoy the journey of your success.




The Secret Place Book Club is built on proven biblical principles as our practice. Known local bible teaching leaders are appointed to teach spiritual development at our "I'm Every Woman" empowerment conference. Come prepared for biblical enlightenment that will help to catapult your dreams, visions, and goals to the next level.



We believe that the overall development of a woman does include her finances! learn the importance of establishing a healthy financial portfolio. Organized finances can open up opportunities for advancement. As stated in Proverbs 31, a scripture known to describe a woman of stature, "She considers a field and buys it; and out of her earnings she plants a vineyard." The financial development speakers  key in on the importance of financial preparation so that when opportunities are presented for one to fulfill purpose, the prepared women is able to seize the moment.

Network Inspiration


Virtual and online networking has expanded the business circles of many. However, it hasn't superseded the face to face networking connections that start business relationships and create opportunities.


Women from different walks of life migrate from all over to attend the annual "I'm Every Woman" Empowerment Conference. Everytime God elevates a person to their next level in life he adds a new face. The Secret Place Book Club purposely  incorporates an alotted time in the conference, as well as in other events, for an opportunity for a personal connection.


Business cards play an important role at networking events.  Your business card is a visual representation of your brand and it allows you to make a strong first impression. It  is and will remain an important part of professional life in the 21st century.

Marketplace Exhibitors


At our annual conference, and through out the year, we showcase a great market place and business exhibition that include 15-20 participants. Corporations and entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to connect with our network and display their products and services. We encourage our premiere businesses to seek clients and build relationships; ultimately resulting in good business. Several have become a part of the network and do business outside of our annual hosted events. The attendees always enjoy this time to shop and learn about available services.





The Secret Place Book Club has been recognized by many to have a high level of professionalism in all aspects. Mini courses are offered during the conference to provide women with steps to enhance professionalism in the corporate environment, as an entrepreneur, and in volunteerism. The professional development trainer will coach attendees on the importance of professionalism, communicating like a pro, conflict management, and healthy assertiveness in the work place.

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Express your thoughts


Throughout the Conference women are given the opportunity to express thier thoughts during break-out sessions, table discussions, and one-on-one exchanges. Women are also given additional avenues to express themselves at Ignite empowerment sessions, professional connection gatherings,  brunches, and other book club events during the year.

Shari T.


This was an awesome event. The break out seasons were awesome. The speakers were inspiring. I like the vendors and the hotel food was good. I know it will be bigger and better next year.




Hello, I attended this awesome conference. I met Chanda who made me feel welcomed and invited me to sit at the table with her friends, the women at that table were very kind, friendly and encouraging. I am looking forward to the next event.



Yes, excited about this years conference. Last years conference was awesome, I left the conference so inspired!



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